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Iron Clad Security

Recent publicity of security breaches leading to credit card fraud and identity theft have made your customers apprehensive. Alleviate their fears with ACH Secure.

ACH Secure is powered by the Sage Virtual Terminal which is safe to use because the data is not stored on your computer. Sage Payment Solutions takes security very seriously and is PCI (Payment Card Industry) and Card Industry Security Program (CISP) compliant. The Sage Vault utilizes an encrypted alias to provide maximum data protection and transactions are securely processed behind the gateway firewall. An intensive outside audit is performed to ensure that Sage Payment Solutions systems and processes protect sensitive merchant and consumer data. This protects our merchants from the liability exposure of storing confidential information on their own systems.

The PCI standard is a mandatory global standard established by the Card Associations to ensure the protection of cardholder data. Based on twelve guidelines, the PCI Standard requires merchants to make their physical and virtual environments secure to ensure protection of cardholder data. As a merchant accepting credit cards or processing ACH payments you are required to adhere to the PCI Standard. The PCI standard sets technology requirements such as the use of data encryption, end-user access control, and activity monitoring and logging. It also includes procedural mandates, such as the need to implement formal and documented security policies and vulnerability-management programs. Compliance with the standard applies to all types of merchants including retail, mail and telephone order, and Internet. All merchants need to follow best practices for storage and destruction of all paper or electronic records containing account numbers or cardholder data. The ACH Secure program, powered by Sage Payment Solutions will help you ensure that all of your PCI practices are in fact practiced.

The Sage Gateway utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication and encryption technology. This is patented technology developed by Netscape Communications and relies on encryption developed by RSA Data Security, Inc. and other cryptographic providers. SSL encryption protects information being transmitted across the Internet from third parties.

When remote servers or customer’s web browsers access the Sage Gateway Commerce Server, the connection between the client and the Commerce Server becomes a dedicated link. This is done by the exchange of keys between the Commerce Server and the client, which each use the keys for encrypting and decrypting the data which is passed between the connection. This allows the client to send information that is encrypted and would appear as jumbled or mangled text across the Internet to the Sage Gateway Commerce Server where the data is decrypted. Most web browsers have a method of notifying you or your customers that they are on a secure connection with a server which uses SSL technology. Clues that you are on a SSL server include locks on toolbars, keys, and solid blue lines around your browser.

For your protection in order to reduce Internet fraud, ACH Secure reduces your risk by verifying customer identification in real-time by Equifax. This valuable authentication feature is a part of the program for consumer Internet-initiated WEB transactions. WEB can either be a single entry or a recurring ACH debit that takes place when the consumer’s authorization for a transfer of funds is received via the Internet.

It is clear that ensuring the safety of your customers’ information can help your business strive to create and maintain a positive image, enhance customer confidence and even assist in improving your bottom line which can result in higher sales and greater profits.

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